Simultaneous with Vendtra: The digital online trade fair

Those who can't make it to Munich can still be there and get to know h all the innovations + trends, and of course make contact. Vendtra Twins is the digital online trade fair for the vending and coffee industry that simply works. Participation is free of charge via online registration. All Vendtra exhibitors are also present at Vendtra Twins. Twins offers a good overview, videos, news, downloads and direct contact. Vendtra Twins is also the most up-to-date database when it comes to brochures or pictures, logos of the manufacturers - which you can use for your own website for updating. Experience the digital trade fair world in a relaxed way on your computer, pad or mobile phone and stay on the ball. Vendtra Twins is the industry's spring and fall trend meeting.

Dates 2023

6th Digital Vending and Coffee Industry Fair: September 26-27, 2023 (coinciding with Vendtra, trade fair in Munich).

each day from 10:00 - 18:00. Participation in the digital spring and fall meetings is generally free of charge via online registration.


Numerous speakers from various industry segments will provide live information on trends, innovations, opportunities and give their assessments of the market and market issues. Practitioners can get an ideal overview, ask questions live and thus optimally decide or adapt their own company strategy for the current year.

Know how for all

Those who know the background are on the safe side. With live information from manufacturers, contractors - but also technicians, fillers or service staff - learn more about products and solutions. Vendtra Twins offers know-how and training programs at the same time. Via Withecards, companies can arrange additional information appointments and attend them afterwards.

Vendtra, Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

All channels stable
Whether on the road, in the office or in the warehouse. Vendtra Twins is accessible online with all the latest tools: via computer, tablets/pads and via smartphone. We work with a German IT company, all functions and lines are secure - and stable - no matter how high the number of visitors or traffic is. Not a matter of course, but standard for us.

Digital trade fair

Manufacturers show their products and services in a performance show, offer product videos, special discounts and download options for more knowledge or for the integration of text and image data for their own advertising material or for updating their own operator website. Also, many are available live in person to maintain dialogue, answer questions. With whitecards, industry participants can signal their interest in manufacturers' own events or training courses. Several digital tools for the industry to get ahead.

Vendtra, Vending Trade Festival Deutschland

Benefit: Vendtra Twins is the most updated database 2023 in the industry on both days. If you need pictures, brochures or logos of manufacturers for your advertising or for updating your website, you can download them directly. A service that is unique in the world.

Know how for the entire company

Participation in the Digital Online Festival is free of charge. Visitor participation is not limited to company names; any employee of a company can take part. In addition to the management, service employees, fillers or technicians can register, get an overview of current trends, solutions or technical details themselves - and participate in presentations live. Know how transport individually - or in the entire team. So that everyone gets ahead.